Study / Many creatures, including humans, are becoming impotent, threat of extinction due to global warming!

Zoom News : May 25, 2021, 03:56 PM
In future, the whole world will face a problem that will be bigger than any epidemic. All the organisms present on Earth are a threat to the next generation. Think about what will happen if humans and other animals become impotent after a few years. A new study revealed that the biggest reason for this is climate change and extreme temperatures. Earlier, different types of hazardous chemicals involved in the environment are also responsible.

We know that when high temperatures move towards extreme, animals start dying. They are unable to tolerate it. New research has revealed that male organisms are becoming impotent in high temperature environment. Apart from this, places where there are not such bad conditions regarding temperature, they are also in danger of getting impotent. This means that the division of the species is disturbed due to temperature in terms of reproduction. Perhaps humans are underestimating climate change. This is where mistakes are being made by humans ... If it is not stopped, it will be a more terrible situation than any epidemic. Some species of organisms may even become extinct.

Scientists have known for some years that if the temperature increases, the reproductive capacity of animals deteriorates. For example, if the temperature increases by 2 ° C, the size of sperm bundles and eggs in corals decreases. In addition, some species of beetles and bees have been shown to decrease fertility rates. The faster the temperature rises, the faster the fertility of insect-mites such as bees decreases.

The effect of high temperature also affects the fertility of cows, pigs, fish and birds. Examples of this also exist with scientists. However, scientists have not been able to investigate as to what level of biodiversity will be affected by the high temperature. No prediction can be made about this at the moment.

According to a report published in Nature magazine, scientists from the UK, Sweden and Australia have studied 43 species of flies together. In this, it was investigated what the effect of temperature is on the fertility of male flies. Because flies are found globally. Therefore, by studying them, the effect of rising temperature can be seen all over the world.

Scientists have found that males of many species of flies are unable to survive in rising temperatures. Many are killed. These flies keep flying for four hours to avoid the heat, after which they are killed. According to this, scientists have estimated that at which temperature 80 percent of the organisms are harmed. And what is the temperature at which the fertility of the male organisms is lost. Be it humans or animals.

Scientists observed that male flies from 11 species out of 43 species reported impotence at 80 percent. It occurs in conditions slightly below the extreme temperature. But as soon as the temperature is higher or it falls in the category of excessive, then the male flies start dying. If flies survive in any way, then seven days later 43 of 43 species of male flies become impotent by 44%.

Scientists mixed this data with real data. It gathered information about the temperature and the species in the world. It showed that in future there will be many such animals including humans, whose males will go on to become impotent due to high temperature. The extreme temperature after this will start killing small organisms. If the reproductive capacity of an organism is low, then it affects the entire species.

Scientists created an environment in the laboratory in which species of flies are destroyed. That is, it becomes extinct. But one thing came to light here that this species of flies did not end with high temperature, but its males had become impotent. They were unable to give birth to the next generation, so their species was destroyed. Scientists warned that if such climate change, increase in global temperature and chemicals are released in the environment, then the fertility of the organisms, including humans, will be lost. Many species of organisms will also perish.

Some organisms have learned the art of controlling their fertility in extreme temperatures. For example, primates i.e. the species of monkeys and the testis of humans are outside the body. So that the sperm is kept in high temperature. As the Earth continues to warm, some other organisms may be able to balance with it to conserve their fertility. But the speed of this process is so slow that in this entire species can be lost.

A study done on flies revealed that extreme temperatures can affect reproduction for the next 25 generations. Not only this, even if a species suffers from heatwave every year, its fertility is also affected. However, in addition to this, chemicals in the environment, lack of nutrients and increasing acidity in the climate also damage the fertility.

A separate study on the Beatles has revealed that if a species grapples with heatwave every year, its males may also become impotent. More extensive studies need to be done for humans and other mammalian organisms. So that it can be further confirmed that this is happening. However, a few months ago, a study revealed this