India / Millions of people die every year due to bacteria know the reason

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2022, 10:36 AM
Harmful Bacteria: Bacteria are present everywhere. In air, in water, in soil, everywhere even in our body. But bacteria are so microscopic that we cannot see them with the naked eye. You must be wondering why are we giving you so much knowledge about bacteria? The reason for this is the power of these invisible and microscopic particles, due to which crores of people are dying every year. A new report by the International Medical Journal Lancet has revealed that after heart-related diseases, bacterial infection is the biggest killer of people in the world.

The world's second largest 'serial killer'

According to the World Health Organisation, about 1 crore 79 lakh people die every year in the world due to heart diseases including heart attack. It has been found in the study of Lancet that in the year 2019, due to bacterial infection, 77 lakh people died worldwide. The study claims that bacterial infection is the second biggest serial killer after heart diseases in terms of deaths due to diseases and bacteria are faster than corona virus in killing people.

Bacteria cause 7 times more deaths than corona

The first death due to Corona epidemic in India occurred in March 2020. Since then, till now about 5 lakh 30 thousand people have died due to corona virus i.e. an average of 552 deaths every day. Lancet claims that during the year 2019 in India alone, more than 13 lakh 67 thousand deaths occurred due to bacterial infection i.e. an average of 3745 deaths every day. That is, about seven times more deaths are happening due to bacterial infection than the deaths in the corona epidemic in India.

Millions of people die every year

It is necessary to be afraid of this because the corona epidemic has come and gone. But diseases related to bacterial infection have always been there and will continue to happen in the future. But when the corona epidemic came, there was no medicine for it, hence more deaths occurred. But medicines and vaccines that prevent and treat bacterial infections have been present for decades. Despite this, crores of people are dying every year due to bacterial infection. We will tell you further about what is the reason for this. But first you will decode the complete report of Lancet on killer bacteria.

names of killer bacteria

According to the report of Lancet, in the year 2019, 13.6 percent of the deaths in the world were due to bacterial infection. In the report, 33 such bacteria have been identified, due to which 77 lakh deaths occurred in the year 2019. Out of these 77 lakh deaths, only 5 types of bacteria have been considered responsible for 60 lakh deaths. These five killer bacteria are- E. coli (E-coli), S. Pneumoniae (S. pneumoniae), K. Pneumoniae (K. pneumoniae), S. Aureus (S. aureus) and A. Baumanii (A. Baumani).

These five bacteria have been explained in detail in the report of Lancet, whose killer effect is explained to you in brief and simple language. The first bacteria is E-coli. This bacteria killed 1 lakh 57 thousand people in India in the year 2019. This bacteria usually enters the body through contaminated food and drink. Usually this bacteria causes food poisoning and diarrhea in the body.

The second bacteria is - S. Pneumonia, which took 1 lakh 51 thousand 768 lives in India alone in the year 2019. This bacteria enters the body by breathing in polluted, dusty air. This causes respiratory diseases and pneumonia. The third bacteria is - K. Pneumonia. Due to this, 1 lakh 34 thousand people died in the year 2019 in India. This is a type of hospital acquired bacterial infection which spreads due to the filth of the hospital. This bacteria causes pneumonia, blood infection, and wound infection.