Elvish Yadav News / Noida Police sent notice to Elvish Yadav, may be interrogated in front of arrested accused Rahul

Zoom News : Nov 07, 2023, 04:35 PM
Elvish Yadav News: Noida Police has sent a notice to famous YouTuber and Bigg Boss fame Elvish Yadav. Elvish may be interrogated soon. After taking the arrested accused Rahul Yadav on remand, Elvish Yadav will be interrogated. Based on Rahul's statement, questions and answers may be asked from Elvish Yadav. It is noteworthy that Elvish is being accused of smuggling snakes and selling poison.

According to the information received, it is possible to interrogate Rahul and Elvish by making them sit face to face. Noida Police has found evidence of some parties held in Delhi and Rajasthan. The police will examine the CCTV footage of the places where these parties took place. A team of Noida Police is busy collecting information about these parties.

Snake venom is being investigated

According to Noida Police sources, the snake venom found from the five accused is being investigated. During investigation, it seems that if the venom of these snakes was used in parties, then it might have been mixed with some chemical. A team of Noida Police is investigating from this angle also.

Noida Police is also investigating whether snake venom was used as drugs in these parties. Even before this, Rahul had taken snake venom to many parties. In such a situation, Noida Police is currently trying to find out who was the organizer of these parties and which people participated in them.