Gujarat Assembly Election 2022 / PM Modi said on Gujarat victory – People have made a record even in breaking records

Zoom News : Dec 08, 2022, 09:00 PM
The BJP is forming the government in Gujarat for the 7th consecutive time. After this victory, PM Narendra Modi also reached the BJP head office in Delhi to express his gratitude to the people and workers. Addressing the workers, he said that I bow down before Janata Janardan, this mandate is overwhelming. Where the Bharatiya Janata Party did not win directly, the vote share of the BJP is a testimony to your affection.

I express my gratitude to the people of Gujarat, Himachal and Delhi. Your love was also shown in the by-elections. BJP has won in UP's Rampur. The performance of the BJP in the Bihar elections is a reflection of the days to come.

Highlights of Modi's address:

Gujarat's love is unprecedented

Modi said that during the elections, I had told the people of Gujarat, this time Narendra's record should be broken. I had promised to break Bhupendra Narendra's record, for this I will try my best. People have created a new history by giving the biggest mandate in the history of Gujarat to the BJP. Despite being in government continuously for two and a half decades, such love is unprecedented. People rose above caste-class etc and voted for BJP.

youth trust our work

The PM said that there were more than one crore voters who voted in this election, who did not see the misrule of the Congress, saw only the BJP government. Young people know how to ask questions. Youth vote only when they see confidence, when they see work. By voting for the BJP, the youth has given a message that the youth have checked and trusted our work.

want youth development schemes

Modi said- youth want development schemes of BJP. The youth neither want casteism nor familyism. The hearts of the youth can be won only through vision and development. When elections were held in Bihar amid the severe crisis of the pandemic, the people blessed the BJP. After the pandemic elections were held in all the states including UP, even then the people chose BJP. Today, when India is moving towards a developed India, then the people's trust is on the BJP.

Build a developed India from a developed Gujarat

He said that I want to remind the big experts that a developed India will be built from a developed Gujarat. The results of Gujarat have proved that when there is a challenge before the country, the people have faith in the BJP. When there is a crisis in the country, the people's trust is on the BJP. When the country sets big goals, then the public trusts the BJP.

Modi, who reached here through the penance of five generations, said that we have not reached where we have reached. From the time of Jansangh, for five generations, the families of the families were consumed by doing penance. Only then have we reached here. Lakhs of dedicated workers have laid down their lives for the BJP. By sacrificing personal happiness, aspirations and happiness, the BJP worker is engaged in empowering the society and the country.

BJP formulates its strategy by relying on the immense organizational power of its workers and succeeds. Ups and downs have come in our political life, but we have shown by sticking to ideals and values.

Experts are saying that poverty is reducing in India

There has been a change in work and style of work in the last eight years. We arranged basic facilities like houses, toilets, cylinders for the poor. Whatever government benefits are available today, efforts are being made to make them available to the deserving sections of every section at a fast pace. Technology is used for the complete reach. We do not run the government on the basis of how many votes are there in which class or community. We are seeing positive results from this.

Big experts are saying that poverty is reducing in India. Apart from providing basic facilities to the poor, the country has also developed resources in the last eight years.

Behind our announcement is the roadmap

We don't announce just for the sake of announcing. There is a roadmap behind every announcement we make. The country does not want shortcuts today. The voter of the country is so aware, what is in his interest and what is not in his interest, he knows everything. He knows the pitfalls of shortcut politics. If the country is prosperous then everyone's prosperity is certain. Our forefathers had immense knowledge of experience. Our forefathers have given the saying that income is equal to expenditure.

If this calculation is done then what will be its condition, we are seeing this in our neighborhood. All the political parties of the country have to think that no one will be benefited by election gimmicks.

Our future is bright only by pulling down the fault line

The public is seeing and understanding those who dig ditches in the society. Our future will be bright only by pulling down the fault line. There can be hundreds of reasons to fight, but one reason is enough to join, that is our India. There can be no greater reason to live and to die than this. That's why we have to move forward with the spirit of India First.

BJP is the choice of all sections of the country

Today the first choice of all sections of the country is BJP. The tribal areas of Gujarat have been greatly blessed. BJP has won 34 out of 40 SCST seats. Tribals are considering BJP as their voice. The tribals who were ignored for decades. We are constantly working to fulfill their expectations.

Honoring tribal freedom fighters by building a museum

BJP increased the budget for tribal welfare and gave impetus to their development. We are honoring tribal freedom fighters by building museums across the country.

No one has done as much as the BJP government has done for women.

If someone sincerely Tan kare toh for the first time since independence, today is the first government in the country which is trying to understand the problems and needs of women and is working to make plans for them. No one has done as much as the BJP government has done for every woman. Seven-eight years' work of BJP is more than fifty years' work of other governments.

Women's issues are not election issues for us. We have resolutions. The people of the country have given us the opportunity to do so much for women empowerment. The coming time is important for all of us. To work with the spirit of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas. Let us join the campaign for a developed India.

We have to increase our tolerance and understanding power

In these elections, I have got the opportunity to know and recognize many people. It is necessary for the country to know about those who call themselves neutral. In Himachal, Uttarakhand, how many people's deposits were forfeited, those people should also know. In politics, working like a servant with a sense of service is being considered as a disqualification. Our Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel won by two lakh votes, this is a big thing, but the scale of the contractors is something else. That's why we have to move forward by increasing our tolerance and understanding power.

Criticism also taught us a lot

After 2002, there was no such moment in my life which was not torn apart, but I kept on changing myself, kept on learning. Criticism also taught us a lot. We have to increase our power. The harshest of the harshest, has to be made to tolerate false allegations. The oppression is going to increase, on me as well as on you, because they will not be able to digest defeat. We have to increase our tolerance power. When we celebrate 100 years of independence in 2047, we will leave a developed India in the hands of our youth.

Expressed gratitude on the results of Himachal Pradesh

I am also thankful to every voter of Himachal. In the elections of Himachal, the victory or defeat has been decided on less than one percent. There has never been a result in Himachal with such a small margin. Governments have changed in Himachal every five years, but every time there has been a difference of 5-6 percent in victory and defeat. This time the difference of less than one per cent shows the love of the people. The BJP may have remained less than one percent in Himachal, but our commitment to development will be 100 percent.

Said this about the Election Commission

I also express my gratitude to the Election Commission. There has not been a chance to conduct repoll in even a single polling booth. Means that accepting the basic spirit of democracy happily and peacefully, the voters have given power. Congratulations to the Election Commission for this.

The coming 25 years will only be about the politics of development.

The public support received by the BJP is also significant because it has come at a time when India has entered the Amrit Kaal. This shows that the coming 25 years are only for the politics of development. The support received by the BJP is a symbol of new aspirations and youthful thinking.

People voted for BJP because BJP brought every facility to every family at the earliest. BJP has the power to take the biggest and toughest decisions in the interest of the country. Public anger against nepotism and corruption is continuously increasing. I see this as a reality for a healthy democracy.

Nadda said – the policy that takes care of the poor has given us victory

First of all, party president JP Nadda, in his address, thanked the workers who worked in Gujarat, Himachal and Delhi elections and said - under Modi's leadership, we have got a record victory in Gujarat. It is a victory of evolution. The policy of making arrangements for two times bread, electricity, toilets and cylinders in the homes of the poor gave us victory.

He attacked AAP without naming Kejriwal. Nadda said that a new party has come to insult Gujarat. He brought a pamphlet and started predicting that his party would form the government. The careless leaders who misled the public should apologize to the people of Gujarat. There has not been a single leader in independent India who walks with a board that I am staunchly honest. These fanatics are dishonest.

BJP's name is bigger than Congress

The record of the biggest victory in the Gujarat assembly elections was in the name of Congress. The party won 149 seats in 1985 under the leadership of Madhav Singh Solanki. BJP broke the record of the biggest victory as soon as it crossed the 150 mark. The BJP had won 127 seats in the 2002 elections when Modi was the CM. During the election campaign, PM Modi had said – Bhupendra will break Narendra's record. This is what was seen in the results.