Lucknow News / Refused to change religion, Sufiyan threw 19-year-old Nidhi from the roof

Zoom News : Nov 16, 2022, 06:02 PM
Lucknow News: Delhi to Lucknow.. The series of bloody love jihad is not taking the name of stopping. After the murder of Shraddha in Delhi, now a sensational case of love jihad has also come to light in Lucknow. In the name of forcible conversion, 19-year-old Nidhi was brutally killed by a man named Sufiyan in Lucknow. Trapped in the trap of love, Sufiyaan tries to brainwash Nidhi and convert her to religion, but when she does not agree, Sufiyaan kills her. Sufiyan threw Nidhi Gupta down from the fourth floor. Nidhi was admitted to the trauma center in critical condition where she died during treatment.

Forced conversion was making pressure

While there were 35 pieces of love in Delhi, a sensational incident of bloody love jihad has also come to the fore in Lucknow. The matter is of Dubagga area of ​​Lucknow. Sufiyan is accused of murdering 19-year-old Nidhi Gupta. Sufiyan threw a girl named Nidhi down from the fourth floor. The girl's family has registered a case of murder and forced conversion on Sufiyan. Nidhi's family alleges that Sufiyan wanted to convert their daughter's religion. He was harassing her since many days and was also pressurizing her for marriage.

Sufiyan absconded after the incident

In Lucknow, the search for Sufiyan, accused of murder in Love Jihad, has intensified. Police have formed teams to arrest Sufiyan. A case has been registered against him under the sections of murder and forcible conversion. Sufiyan is absconding since the incident. His flat is locked. Lucknow Police team reached Sufiyan's house. The police was accompanied by a forensic team which inspected the spot and also investigated the place from where the fund was thrown down.

Another new revelation in Shraddha murder case

Let us tell you that the heart-wrenching Shraddha murder case that came to light in Delhi recently has shocked everyone. Another new revelation has come in this case. Aftab, who cut his live-in partner Shraddha into 35 pieces, was so obsessed that he kept Shraddha's severed head decorated in the fridge till the end. During interrogation by the police, he told that he kept Shraddha's head with him till the last and often used to gaze at her severed head in the fridge and reminisce about their love. The police kept searching for Shraddha's head throughout the day on Tuesday but did not get any success.

Delhi Police is trying to extract every secret related to Shraddha from Aftab. In the interrogation so far, Aftab told that he had cut Shraddha's body into 35 pieces but he could not cut her head further. Only after the head of Shraddha is found, her body will be able to be identified. If the police get Shraddha's head, then no one can stop Aftab from reaching the gallows.