Special / Robotics firm seeks 'kind & friendly face' for its robots, offers ₹91L

Hindustan Times : Oct 27, 2019, 08:10 AM
A tech firm is ready to pay over Rs 90 lakh to someone who has a “kind and friendly face.” The catch is that the person will be the “literal face” of a robotics company.

In simpler words, the company will pay you to reproduce your face on potentially thousands of robots worldwide.

The unusual news piqued people’s attention when a Twitter user shared a snapshot of a write-up from a company Geomiq’s website. They are assigned with the task of searching for the perfect candidate on behalf of an undisclosed robotics company.

The write-up on the site informs that the firm is looking for someone with a “kind and friendly face” who gets to be the “literal face of the robot.” The face will be replicated on thousands of robots across the world and the machines will act as ‘virtual friends’ for elderly people.

Turns out, the designers of the robotics firm “agreed a fee of £100,000 to license the rights to the right face.”

Expectedly, people had a lot to say about this “extremely unique request.” Mostly, the face-cloning campaign received flak from people on social media. It’s because many found the idea of licensing one’s visage to an unnamed robotics company for eternity outrageous.

While some reacted with a touch of hilarity, many were apprehensive. There were some who called it a bad plot of a Sci-fi movie. A few simply conveyed their anger. Some were even reminded of a particular episode from the famous British TV series Doctor Who.

“Why don’t they just generate a face? So unnecessary to demand a real one attached to a living person. Am I missing something?” wrote a Twitter user. “Even I wouldn’t have my face ‘in perpetuity,’” commented another. “For £100k they can have my actual face,” jokingly wrote another.

What do you think about this face-cloning campaign?