Bus Accident / Tragic accident in Maharashtra, bus caught fire on expressway; 25 passengers burnt alive

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 01, 2023, 07:33 AM
Buldhana News: A painful accident happened late on Friday night in Buldhana, Maharashtra. The bus going from Nagpur to Pune met with an accident on the Samruddhi Mahamarg Expressway at Sindkhedaraja in Buldhana district. After the accident, a massive fire broke out in the bus. It is being told that there were 33 passengers in the bus. Everyone was sleeping at the time of the accident. When the fire broke out, these people could not control themselves. Out of these 25 passengers were burnt alive. At the same time, eight passengers were saved safely.

This bus belonged to Vidarbha Travels. The bus was going to Pune carrying passengers from Nagpur, Wardha and Yavatmal. Late night, near Pimpalkhuta village in Sindkhedaraja, the bus overturned after colliding with the divider on the Samruddhi Mahamarg Expressway, causing the bus to catch fire. All the 33 passengers aboard the bus were sleeping at the time of the accident. These people didn't even get a chance to recover. By the time these people could recover, the fire engulfed the entire bus.

Hearing the cries of the passengers, the people around gathered on the spot. People informed the police and fire brigade about this. On reaching the spot, the fire brigade team started extinguishing the fire. Fire brigade personnel safely saved eight passengers including the driver, conductor. After extinguishing the fire, the jawans went inside the bus and inspected it. During this, the jawans were horrified to see the scene inside the bus. The dead bodies of 22 passengers were lying burnt. Even someone's body was not being recognized. One by one everyone was taken out and a sheet was put on them.

Eight passengers came out by breaking the windows

According to the people present on the spot, the bus first hit an iron pole on the right side of the Samruddhi Mahamarg Expressway, after which it went out of control. After this, the bus overturned on the left after colliding with the concrete divider between the incoming and outgoing lanes. Due to turning on the left side, the door of the bus fell down, due to which the way out was also closed. All the passengers who wanted to get out were able to get out by breaking the windows.

All passengers were from Nagpur, Wardha and Yavatmal

According to ADG Sanjay Saxena, who reached the spot, “It is a matter of investigation that first the tire of the bus burst or the bus hit the pole and then overturned, due to which the fire broke out. A total of 25 passengers have died in the accident. The eight passengers who have been rescued have been admitted to the nearest government hospital, where they are undergoing treatment. Most of these passengers are from Nagpur, Wardha and Yavatmal.

Buldhana's SP's statement came to the fore

The statement of Buldhana SP Sunil Kadasen has also come to the fore on the accident. He said, 'There were a total of 33 people in the bus, out of which 25 people died and 8 people were injured. The driver of the bus survived and told that the bus overturned after the tire burst, due to which the bus caught fire.

How did the accident happen?

The bus crashed into a road divider on the Samruddhi Highway near Pimpalkhuta village near Sindkhedaraja and then caught fire. The bus caught fire as soon as it came in contact with the diesel. After this, out of 33 passengers in the bus, 8 passengers came out safely. Those who escaped unhurt include the driver and the carrier. Meanwhile, the injured have been taken to the nearest government hospital.

The bus first hit the iron pole. After this the bus collided with the road divider and overturned. No one could get out of the door of the bus. The surviving passengers got out by breaking the windows of the car. According to the police and people present at the spot, the bus first hit an iron pole on the right side of the Nagpur-Aurangabad route.

The bus went out of control and hit the concrete divider between the traffic lanes and overturned. The bus was overturned on the left side, so the door of the bus fell down. In such a situation, there was no way left for the people to get out.