World / Ukraine First Lady Olena Zelenska Says Wives Of Russian Troops Encourage Them To Rape

Vikrant Shekhawat : Nov 30, 2022, 02:16 PM
Russia-Ukraine War: The First Lady of Ukraine has made a sensational claim about Russian soldiers in the midst of the war. He said that Russian soldiers are now using rape as a 'weapon'. British TV news channel Sky News has given this information. Olena Zelenska was speaking at an international conference in London to combat sexual violence during war. Olena Zelenska is the wife of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

44-year-old Olena Zelenska claimed that the wives of Russian soldiers are inciting them to rape Ukrainian women. Russia attacked Ukraine in February. Since then, the war between the two continues continuously. Russia has attacked the cities of Ukraine several times with missiles and rockets. At the same time, the army of Ukraine is also giving a befitting reply to the soldiers of Russia.

Olena lashed out at sexual violence

According to Sky News, Olena Zelenska has openly accused Russian soldiers of sexual violence. He said, 'Sexual violence is the most cruel and animal like way to prove dominance over someone. It is difficult for victims of such violence to testify in times of war because no one feels safe.

'Wives of Russian soldiers are encouraging'

He said, 'This is another method which they (Russian army) are using as their weapon. This is another weapon in their arsenal in this war. That's why they are using it systematically and openly. The First Lady further said, 'We are seeing that Russian soldiers are very open about this. They talk to their relatives about this on the phone. We have got this information from the recording of phone conversation.

He further said, 'Not only this, the wives of Russian soldiers themselves are promoting them. She says go rape those Ukrainian women. Don't tell me about this. That's why the world should speak openly about this. "It is extremely important to recognize this as a war crime and hold all perpetrators accountable," Zelenska said.