Assembly Election 2023 / What will Rathore-Poonia-Narottam do now? These veterans lost despite the BJP wave

Zoom News : Dec 08, 2023, 05:47 PM
Assembly Election 2023: BJP is going to form government in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. To decide the name of the Chief Minister, BJP has appointed observers in all the three states. Even though BJP has wrested power from Congress in two states and has succeeded in saving its MP government, many senior leaders of the party have not been successful in saving their seats. Narottam Mishra, who held the number two position and Home Minister in the Shivraj government, Rajendra Singh Rathod, who was the leader of opposition in Rajasthan, and former state president Satish Poonia could not become MLAs.

Narottam Mishra, considered a veteran leader of BJP in Madhya Pradesh, lost to Congress candidate Rajendra Bharti by more than 7700 votes from Datia seat. From Taranagar, BJP's Rajendra Singh Rathore lost to Congress's Narendra Bedunia by 10 thousand votes. Similarly, Satish Punia also lost the election from Congress's Prashant Sharma on Amer seat. All three leaders are considered veterans of BJP and were among the contenders for the post of CM, but after the election defeat, all their hopes were dashed.

Why did Rajendra Singh Rathore lose?

Rajendra Singh Rathore has his own political stature in BJP politics in Rajasthan. Gulab Singh Kataria was made the Governor of Assam and in his place Rajendra Singh Rathore was made the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly. The name of Rajendra Singh Rathore was prominent among the leaders who opened a front against the Gehlot government from the House to the streets, due to which he was also considered a contender for the post of CM. But, Rajendra Singh Rathore lost the election from Taranagar seat, which is a big setback for him politically.

Rajendra Singh Rathod is a resident of Harpalsar in Churu district. He has been in politics since his student days. For the first time in 1980, he contested elections from Taranagar seat from Janata Party, but he could not win. Became MLA for the first time in 1885 and won from Janata Dal in 1990. After this, he became MLA on BJP ticket from 1993 to 2018 and also served as a minister in the BJP government, but this time he had to face a crushing defeat. He was considered a veteran leader of BJP and the face of the Rajput community, but now that he has not been able to win the elections, speculations have started about his political future.

Why did Narottam Mishra lose?

Narottam Mishra is counted among the powerful leaders of BJP in the politics of Madhya Pradesh. His political stature can be gauged from the fact that he was the Home Minister in Shivraj Singh Chouhan's government and was at the number two position. He is one of the biggest leaders of BJP in Gwalior-Chambal belt of Madhya Pradesh, he was also counted among the contenders for CM. After losing the election from Datia seat, questions are being raised about the political future of Narottam Mishra, because there is no system of Legislative Council in the state, through which he can be made MLC and given a place in the cabinet.

Narottam Mishra, born on April 15, 1960, has inherited politics. Been associated with the Sangh since his student days. Was MLA from Dabra seat from 1998 to 2003. Babulal was also a minister in the Gaur government. After this, he also remained a minister in Shivraj government. Narottam Mishra, considered the Brahmin face of BJP in Madhya Pradesh, had the position of number two in the 'Shivraj government'. When BJP government was formed in 2020, Congress had accused Narottam Mishra of Operation Lotus. Due to this, he was given the post of Home Minister in Shivraj government, due to which he remained in the headlines continuously. However, after losing the elections, what role will BJP keep him in now?

Why did Satish Poonia lose?

Satish Poonia, a veteran leader of BJP in Rajasthan and who has been continuously opening a front against the Gehlot government, could not win the elections from Amer seat this time, which is a big setback for him politically. Poonia, resident of Churu district, was associated with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad since his student days and was also elected General Secretary of Students Union from Rajasthan University in 1989. After this, he worked on various posts in BJP Yuva Morta. For the first time in 2000, he contested the by-election from Sadulpur seat, but could not win.

Tried his luck in 2013 also, but did not win. Satish Poonia became MLA for the first time in 2018. Due to better coordination with the central leadership and good relations with the Sangh Parivar, he was appointed Rajasthan President of BJP. As soon as he took charge of the party, Poonia aggressively opened a front against the Gehlot government and formed his own group on par with Vasundhara Raje. On many occasions, Poonia has appeared weak in creating anti-incumbency among the public against the Gehlot government, due to which he was also counted among the contenders for CM. However, since he could not save his seat, he has now suffered a major setback politically.

What will happen to Poonia-Narottam-Rathore?

After the defeat of Narottam Mishra in Madhya Pradesh and Rajendra Singh Rathore and Satish Poonia in Rajasthan, speculations have started about their political future. How will BJP adjust its three veteran leaders, will it contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections or send them to Parliament through Rajya Sabha? Apart from this, BJP can also give place in the organization, because all the three leaders are very smart. Has long political experience. Narottam Mishra has been MLA five times while Rajendra Singh Rathore has been MLA six times. He has also held many positions in the BJP organization, due to which it is believed that he can get a place in the party organization.