Chhattisgarh / When will Rahul come out of the borewell? 87 hours of effort; Know why it is taking so long

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 14, 2022, 08:24 AM
In Janjgir-Champa district of Chhattisgarh, the rescue operation is going on for 87 hours to retrieve the innocent who fell in the borewell pit. The innocent has fallen in a pit of depth of 80 feet and is trapped in about 60 feet. Army, NDRF and SDRF teams are engaged to rescue the child. After the robotics team did not get success, the work of digging with drilling machines is going on. A tunnel of about 20 feet was to be built, but due to heavy stones, the pace of rescue work has slowed down. The excavation was done with a small drill machine imported from Bilaspur. After reaching close to the borewell pit, now digging is being done by hand. More drilling to be done around a foot. The baby's movement holds hope. Rahul is expected to come out after a few hours.

According to reports, 11-year-old Rahul Sahu went to the back side of the house while playing on Friday in Pihrid village of Malkharoda in Janjgir-Champa district. Rahul's father Ramkumar alias Lala Sahu had dug a bore in the house. He had failed bore. The bore has been left open. In the afternoon, Rahul fell in the borewell pit. When the family members went towards the bari, the sound of the child's crying came, hearing which the family members came to know about the incident. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the district and police administration team including Collector Jitendra Kumar Shukla, SP Vijay Agarwal, SDM Rena Jameel, Additional SP Anil Soni are engaged in the rescue operation. The fourth day of the attempt to rescue the innocent Rahul Sahu continued.

Difficulty in making tunnels due to stone

At around 11 pm on Sunday night, the team of NDRF and SDRF started the tunnel by cutting the huge wall of soil left away from the bore. The officers expected that this work would be completed in about 6 hours, but due to the rock formation, the work of 6 hours could not be completed even after 25 hours. By 10 o'clock on Monday night, it was said to reach near the tunnel bore and start digging by hand in view of the safety of the child. Earlier the excavation was done with a small drill machine. Smoke filters have also been installed to take out the flying dust. Today is considered a Tuesday of hope. Rahul is expected to come out after a few hours. After removing it from the borewell, it will be taken directly to Bilaspur.

Army, NDRF and SDRF teams engaged in rescue

Oxygen is being given to the child through a pipeline. Machines like 6 JCB and 4 Chain Mountain, 3 Fire Brigade, Hydra, Stone Breaker, 10 Tractor, Horizontal Trunk Maker were used. The pit was dug at the bottom of the borewell. The stone was broken with a heavy drill machine. Juice and fruits were also delivered at night to the child trapped in the borewell. The child was given juice in the morning. NDRF teams have been called from Cuttack in Odisha, Surat in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh to rescue the child. Army, NDRF, SDRF are trying to get Rahul out of the borewell. A foot or two of tunneling should be done further. Due to the stones, there is a problem in excavation.

500 team including officers in operation

In the rescue operation of Rahul, Janjgir Collector Jitendra Shukla, SP Vijay Aggarwal along with 4 IAS, 2 IPS, 1 ASP, 2 Deputy Collector, 5 Tehsildar, 4 DSP, 8 Inspector including Raigad, Durg, Bilaspur team of rescue teams were also engaged. Is. Around 120 police personnel are engaged in rescue work on the spot. Apart from this, 32 NDRF, 15 SDRF and Army personnel are carrying out rescue operations day and night. An army of 500 officers and employees of the district administration is present in the village. The staff of emergency medical, fire brigade, electricity department is present in the village itself. CM Bhupesh Baghel is also continuously taking information about the rescue operation. Collector Jitendra Kumar Shukla is talking about getting Rahul safe soon.