Special / Bride groom grand entry with thar on wedding stage with friends

Zoom News : Dec 05, 2022, 07:10 PM
Bride Groom Grand Entry: In the wedding season, many times the bridegroom and many times the bride do something amazing that it starts being discussed, but in this marriage both the bride and the bridegroom rocked. When the relatives waiting for both of them on the stage of marriage saw that the groom enters from Thar with his bride, the relatives were shocked. Friends of both are also seen in this.

Couple made an amazing entry from Thar

Actually, this video has been shared by a user on the social media platform Twitter. It has been told in the caption that this video is from Sahdullanagar in Uttar Pradesh. In this, the couple has made a wonderful entry in their marriage from Thar. It is seen in this video that the groom is sitting on the driving seat of Thar from the front while the bride is sitting next to him.

groom sitting on driving seat

Not only this, some friends are also seen standing next to the Thar and a gun with a bang is also seen in their hand, from which firecrackers and sparklers come out. Initially the bride was sitting but by the time she reaches the stage, the bride also stands up. The guests present there were also surprised to see this entry.

'Flowers shower in spring, lover has come'

The special thing is that the song is playing in the background of the video that Baharon Phool Barsao Mera Mehboob Aaya Hai. Not only this, it has also been told through the voice in the background that the groom's name is Vishal while the bride's name is Parul. People are liking this desi entry of both. Watch the video here.