Kanhaiya Kumar News / Congress candidate Kanhaiya Kumar attacked, youth who came to garland him slapped him

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 17, 2024, 10:59 PM
Kanhaiya Kumar News: Kanhaiya Kumar, a former student leader of Jawaharlal Lal University and Congress candidate from North East Delhi, was assaulted today, the video of which is going viral on social media. Some people who had come on the pretext of garlanding Kanhaiya Kumar attacked Kartar Nagar in Osmanpur police station area of North East Delhi. He went to Kanhaiya Kumar and slapped him. During this time, the woman corporation councilor of Aam Aadmi Party was also misbehaved. Mahila Nigam Councilor has lodged a complaint with the police.

In the video that has surfaced of this incident, it is seen that Kanhaiya Kumar was coming out of the Aam Aadmi Party office, during which some people come with garlands. They go to wear the garland and even before they can wear it, they are attacked and thrown to the ground. However, Kanhaiya Kumar's supporters present in the crowd immediately caught the young man.

Manoj Tiwari accused

After the assault on Kanhaiya Kumar, a statement has come out from his office which says, "Manoj Tiwari is upset due to the huge public support Kanhaiya is getting and the fear of defeat." Attempt to attack Kanhaiya by sending his fellow goons. The answer to violence will be given to 25 people by voting.

Voting in Delhi on 25th May

Let us tell you that there are a total of seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, out of which voting is going to be held on all the seven seats of Delhi on May 25. In view of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, BJP has made Manoj Tiwari its candidate from North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat. On the other hand, Congress has declared Kanhaiya Kumar as its candidate from this seat. It is being said that there is a tough contest between the two on this seat. Kanhaiya started his politics from JNU, while Manoj Tiwari was a famous actor and singer, after which he entered politics.

Councilor Chhaya Sharma gave written complaint

Aam Aadmi Party councilor Chhaya Sharma told that today at 4 pm there was a meeting of Congress leaders at Satyanarayan Bhawan councilor office of Chautha Pusta Kartar Nagar. After the meeting was over, when Kanhaiya Kumar and all the leaders were coming out of the building, seven to eight people came there, two of whom had weapons. All these people entered the building and slapped Kanhaiya Kumar hard on the pretext of garlanding him. During this, two of them grabbed my chunni and threatened to kill me.

Chhaya Sharma told that one of the boys threw black ink on 30 to 40 people. Many women got injured in the atmosphere of chaos. Councilor Chhaya Sharma has lodged a written complaint regarding this incident.

Kanhaiya Kumar office statement

After the attack, an official statement has come out from Kanhaiya Kumar's office. The statement said, “Current MP Manoj Tiwari is distraught due to the huge public support Kanhaiya is getting and the fear of defeat. An attempt has been made to attack Kanhaiya by sending his fellow goons. The public will answer the violence by voting on May 25.

Pappu Yadav, independent candidate from Purnia seat, has condemned this attack. He said that the attack on Kanhaiya is extremely sad and shameful. The great people of Delhi will now give a strong reply by seizing the deposits of BJP on all the seven seats.