Lok Sabha Election Result / Now the political battle will take place in the Lok Sabha...Sonia's direct message to the India alliance

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 06, 2024, 08:47 AM
Lok Sabha Election Result: The exercise to form NDA government under the leadership of Narendra Modi for the third time at the center has intensified. In the NDA meeting held late last evening, all the allies have shown unity and unanimously elected Narendra Modi as their leader. Meanwhile, a meeting of India Alliance has also been held, in which Congress veteran Sonia Gandhi, former party president Rahul Gandhi, general secretary Priyanka Gandhi as well as the leaders of the alliance's constituent parties participated. During this, Sonia Gandhi's statement has come to the fore.

Congress has won 99 seats in the election. India Alliance has got a total of 234 seats, after which news started coming that India Alliance can occupy the throne of Delhi. According to sources, Sonia has said that in democracy power is obtained on the basis of numbers. After the mandate, everyone should agree that we will not stake claim to form the government. Now the political battle will be on the floor of the Lok Sabha.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that we have to be on the front foot among the people. We will fulfill the promises we made when we come to power. Maintain this atmosphere. The fight against Modi should continue on the same issues that destroyed the BJP's 370 plus and NDA's 400 plus slogan. At the same time, the Congress high command met several newly elected MPs, including KL Sharma from Amethi.

What did Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge say?

The leaders of the India Alliance held a meeting in Delhi on the future strategy. 33 leaders of the major parties of the alliance participated in the meeting. After the meeting of all the allies, it was decided that the INDIA group will not claim to form the government. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge says that this mandate is to protect the Constitution of India and against inflation, unemployment, crony capitalism and to save the Constitution. The India Alliance will continue to fight against the fascist rule of the BJP. We will take the right steps at the right time, given the sentiment of the people that they do not want Modi's rule.

The leaders of the India Alliance have decided that their fight against the BJP will continue in the future as well. At the same time, the expansion of the alliance was discussed. It was also decided in the meeting that parties with similar ideology would be invited to join the alliance.

21 leaders of 15 parties participated in the NDA meeting

Here, in the resolution passed in the NDA meeting, it was said that all the constituent parties are proud that the NDA fought and won the 2024 Lok Sabha elections unitedly under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Everyone has unanimously chosen Narendra Modi as their leader. Along with this, 21 leaders of 15 parties submitted their letter of support. If sources are to be believed, the President has given time to the NDA MPs to meet on June 7. Only after that a claim to form the government will be made. The constituent parties of the NDA are confident that their government will run properly.