Omicron Variant / Omicron raises central government concern increased vigilance in 14 cities of 8 states issued several instructions

Zoom News : Dec 31, 2021, 07:31 AM
Omicron Variant | The central government has asked eight states and union territories to ramp up testing, strengthen hospital preparedness and ramp up vaccination after cities in their regions registered a sharp rise in new Covid-19 cases. Let us tell you that India had registered 16,574 new cases on Thursday, which is the highest increase in daily cases in more than 70 days. New cases of corona are coming out at a fast pace in Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal and Delhi.

Let us tell you that on Tuesday, the number of daily new cases of corona was 12,987 and on Wednesday it was 9,155.

NITI Aayog Member (Health) VK Paul, speaking at the Union Health Ministry press briefing on COVID-19, said, “We believe that what we are seeing is probably part of the global increase in cases due to the Omicron variant. Is." He further said, "We know that this variant is a high-spread virus. Although its severity is uncertain. It is milder than expected but we cannot take it lightly."

'India has huge vaccine coverage shield'

He said, “As a nation, we are ready and we have the experience. We have a huge corpus of good vaccine coverage. I repeat, there is no need to panic. But one needs to be responsible, prepared, disciplined." Let us inform you that the cases of Omicron variant were first reported in South Africa, followed by the UK and Denmark.

Most international 3 passengers come in Delhi-Mumbai

Delhi and Mumbai are the two cities in India that receive the most international travelers and also have the highest number of Omicron cases. According to government data, 1,313 new infections were detected in Delhi on Thursday. The capital had reported the maximum number of new cases in a single day or 218 days since May 26. However, the Delhi government on Thursday said that no one has died due to this. A large number of hospital beds are lying vacant in the city. This is in line with global trends, indicating that the Omicron version does not cause hospitalization like the Delta version.

Why is there a gap of 9 months for the third dose?

Balram Bhargava, head of the Indian Council of Medical Research, has cited several scientific studies to support the government's decision to set a 9-month gap to people for the third shot of the coronavirus vaccine. These studies have shown that antibodies as well as cellular immunity last for up to eight months. Some estimate that some type of security lasts longer than 10 months. "Most Indians have received either vaccine," he said.

Instructions to states to be vigilant

Earlier in the day, the Union Health Secretary asked Delhi, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Jharkhand to remain vigilant in view of the increase in domestic travel and various events such as weddings, celebrations and holidays. Bhushan said that it has been observed that in some states there has been an increase in the number of cases and doubling time of cases has decreased.