Pm Narendra Modi / PM Modi stuns the world, beats 22 leaders in the list of global leaders

Zoom News : Feb 03, 2023, 09:47 PM
Pm Narendra Modi: In the latest list of popular global leaders, PM Modi is at the first position, leaving behind all the leaders of the world. Business Intelligence Company, Morning Consult has conducted a survey. In its Global Leader Approval Ratings, PM Modi has won the title of most popular global leader by beating the leaders of 22 countries including Rishi Sunak, Joe Biden. In the survey, PM Modi is on top with 78 percent rating.

The second number is the President of Mexico, Lopez Obrador. He has got 68 percent rating. Australia's PM Anthony Albanese has got 58 percent rating in the popularity list. He is on the third position. Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia is on the fourth position. He has got 52 percent rating. Brazilian President Lalu de Silva is at number five with 50 percent rating. US President Joe Biden is at number six in the list and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is at number seven. Both have got 40 per cent rating. At the same time, PM Rishi Sunak of Britain has got 30 percent rating. He is at 16th position. French President Emmanuel Macro is at number 17 with 29 percent rating.

The 22 countries whose top leaders have been ranked by Morning Consultant are- United States of America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Ireland, India, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Australia and Austria.

How was the survey done?

According to Morning Consult, this popularity data is based on a 7-day survey of adults in a country. Morning Consult takes more than 20000 global interviews every day. Its data is prepared on the basis of the answers they give. In America where the sample size is 45000. Whereas the sample size of other countries is between 500 to 5000.