India / Pm narendra modi attacks on rewadi culture and arvind kejriwal aam aadmi party

Zoom News : Aug 10, 2022, 06:21 PM
New Delhi : PM Narendra Modi has once again termed schemes like distributing free things in the country wrong. Speaking at the inauguration of the Ethanol Plant at Panipat, Haryana, he said that Revdi culture prevents the country from becoming self-reliant. PM Narendra Modi said that for the development of the country it is necessary that the government has money and only then it can invest. Even though he did not mention anyone, but PM Modi's remark is being considered as an attack on the Aam Aadmi Party. He said, “Those whose politics is self-centred can come and announce free distribution of petrol and diesel someday. Such steps will snatch the future of the children of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that due to such selfish policies, the burden of honest taxpayer of the country will also increase. Those who make such announcements for their political interests will never invest in new technology. They will make false promises to farmers, but will never set up ethanol plants to increase their income. They will keep talking about increasing pollution, but will run away from the solution. This is not policy but policy. To deal with the challenges facing the country, a clear intention and policy is needed. For this you have to work hard. The government has to invest a lot of money.

He said that those who have the tendency to take short cuts and avoid problems to pursue political selfishness, they can never solve them. Such people may get accolades for some time, but they do not get success. Short cut causes short circuit. Our government is engaged in a permanent solution to the problems. A lot was said about the problem of stubble, but the short cut ones could never solve it. We understand the problems of farmers, so we are helping them. PM Narendra Modi said this at the inauguration of a biofuel plant in Panipat, Haryana.

If the government does not have money, how will it develop?

PM Modi said that when the government does not have money, then how will it set up big plants. We have to remember whether we live or not, this nation will always be there. Has lived for centuries and will be for centuries. His children will also always be there. We do not have the right to destroy future children.