Bihar / This middle-aged man was not getting married, know who brought him home as daughter-in-law

Zoom News : Jul 02, 2021, 08:47 PM
Strange stories are coming out in Bihar these days. A fresh case has come to the fore again. Here a middle-aged was looking for a bride for a long time. No girl or woman wanted to marry him. Due to the marriage, various discussions started taking place in the village about that person. Meanwhile, the middle-aged fell in love with a eunuch. After this the villagers got her married to the same eunuch. When suddenly the middle-aged bride reached the village with the eunuch, then the whole village jumped with joy. After marriage, the groom also gave a feast to the villagers. Throughout the day, there was a feast of fish and rice in the village, but in the evening, the eunuch left the middle-aged and ran away from the house.

The case is of Manjhi block of Chhapra district. A person named Mahavir, who lives here, was not getting married for a long time. Mahavira had reached the age of middle age. He is also said to be mentally weak. Mahavir has two more brothers who live in Banaras. Mahavir lived alone in the village. Mahavir was looking for a bride for a long time, his age was passing out, no one wanted to marry Mahavir. Meanwhile, Mahavira fell in love with a eunuch living near Dharmapura Brahmasthan for four years. When the villagers came to know about this, they got her married to a eunuch. With great fanfare, Mahavir brought Kinnar to his house by making him a daughter-in-law, but all these villagers had joked with Mahavir. It is said that Mahavir, happy with his marriage, gave a feast to the villagers. The villagers also feasted on fish and rice. Kinnar ran away from the house in the evening. After this Mahavir came to know about the reality.

The young man had brought the eunuch to the house as a daughter-in-law, seeing the face, the mother fainted

In Bihar, the case of bringing a eunuch as a daughter-in-law has come to the fore. A young man from Rohtas had fallen in love with a eunuch. 20-year-old boy Golu Kumar married Kinnar Nandani Kumari and brought her home as a daughter-in-law. Everyone welcomed the new bride. When the mother raised the face of the bride, she fainted after seeing it. After regaining consciousness, Kinnar, who came home after making a daughter-in-law, was driven away by the mother. This matter also became the subject of much discussion in the area.