Russia-Ukraine War / Ukraine President Zelensky shared these painful pictures, wrote something that will bring tears

Vikrant Shekhawat : Dec 24, 2022, 05:55 PM
Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky has today shared some such painful pictures of the capital Kyiv and Kherson with his Twitter handle, which will shake your heart. While tagging the pictures, Zelensky has expressed his feelings in such a way that reading it will bring tears to your eyes. In fact, through his Twitter handle, Zelensky has tried to make the world aware of the painful and fearful life of Ukraine, which the people of Ukraine are facing daily.

The President of Ukraine shared the pictures and wrote that "This is not sensitive material, but this is the real life of Ukraine. This terror on Christmas Eve in the center of Kherson was done to scare. The world should see What a great evil we are fighting." Zelensky shared a total of four pictures on his Twitter. Each picture is going to tell the story of the horrific scene and pain of the Ukraine war. In one picture, people lying on the streets after being injured and killed in the Russian attack. An ambulance is seen standing on the road to take them. There is an atmosphere of fear and panic among the people. The second picture is also telling a similar story. In the picture people are lying dead on the road and their belongings are also scattered around. In the third picture, fierce flames are seen rising in the vehicles parked at the intersection of the city, there is an atmosphere of devastation all around. The fourth picture is of a car riddled with mortars and bullets, in which a dead or injured body of a person is seen lying on the seat.

Russia is not leaving even the citizens of Ukraine

Hundreds of people have been killed in different cities of Ukraine so far in Russia's attack. Relentless Russia is targeting residential areas, markets and crowded places in Ukraine with missiles, airstrikes and rockets and drones, in which civilian lives are being lost. These pictures shared by Zelensky are from today. While just two days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin had expressed his intention to end the war with Ukraine. But under any circumstances, this war does not seem to stop or reduce. From Kiev, the capital of Ukraine to Kherson, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and many other cities, there is a scene of devastation. People are living their lives under the shadow of fear. Don't know when which shell or missile will end their life, nothing can be said.

Ukraine is giving a befitting reply to Russia

By the way, Ukraine is also giving a befitting reply to Russia's fierce attacks. Many bases of Russia have also been destroyed due to the attacks of Ukraine. Many Russian citizens have lost their lives in Ukrainian attacks. Recently, former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitri Rogozin was injured in an attack in Ukraine. He was staying in a hotel. After the attack, he said that someone leaked this information to Ukraine. After this, targeting them, Ukraine attacked the hotel with a guided bomb. For the last 10 months, a fierce war is going on between Russia and Ukraine. Both the countries have lost a lot in this. All the cities of Ukraine have become cemeteries. Everywhere, parts of shells, cannons, missiles and war vehicles are lying. Ruined buildings and lifeless crossroads and markets are telling the story of devastation. There is shouting all around. But the war is not taking the name of stopping.