Special / Viral video of big and fat snake trending on social media dangerous snakes python anaconda

Zoom News : Jul 12, 2022, 05:42 PM
Social Media Viral Video: A video is going viral on the social media platform, seeing which users are unable to believe their eyes. You may not have seen snakes in real life, but you must have seen them on Discovery Channels. Some snakes are poisonous but many snakes do not contain poison at all. Yet many people shy away from the name of snakes. Even after watching this video, you will get a loud jolt. This video is getting a lot of views on social media.

Seeing the snake, the senses will fly away

Looking at the beginning of this video, it seems that the camera is showing some thick pipe. But as the camera moves forward, people's heart beats also get faster. Actually a giant snake is shown in the video. First of all you must also watch this viral video...

people dubbed anaconda

Seeing this video, there was a flood of reactions of people on the comment section. Some people called the snake a python and some even called it an anaconda. Seeing this video of just a few seconds, people's condition worsened. One user even said that such videos should not be posted.

video went viral

This video shared on Twitter is becoming very viral. Let us tell you that till now more than 50 thousand people (Social Media Users) have seen it. The video has been garnered over 1,500 likes and retweeted over 350 times. Seeing this video, many people said that they were scared.