World / Wear undergarments properly in the plane Pakistani airline order to the cabin crew

Zoom News : Sep 30, 2022, 01:09 PM
Pakistan : In a strange order, Pakistan International Airlines has asked its cabin crew to properly and compulsorily wear undergarments. According to a report in Geo News, the PIA has told the crew that it is necessary to wear undergarments on the flight. The PIA says that the cabin crew dress is being displayed in a negative image of the airline, leaving a bad impression on the passengers. The airlines have taken recourse to the new notification of the Government of Pakistan for their new order and asked to strictly follow it.

A directive sent by PIA general manager Amir Bashir said, "It is a matter of great concern that some cabin crew while traveling wear casual clothes while staying in hotels and during various types of tour. It leaves a bad impression. It paints a negative image of the person.

Bashir has asked the cabin crew to dress themselves properly in the Russian obligatory plain dress over proper undergarments. "The clothing worn by men and women should be in accordance with our cultural and national ethics," the guidelines said. According to a Geo News report, the grooming officers have been instructed to monitor the cabin crew at all times and report if the rules are not followed.

PIA recently made headlines when a Pakistani passenger tried to break the window of the plane. He had left for Dubai from Peshawar. The passenger created a ruckus when he was stopped from offering Namaz in the plane. The video of the incident went viral. He was fine when he boarded the flight and suddenly started acting like this. When the passenger was stopped from offering Namaz on the flight, he created a ruckus.