Namra Qadir / YouTuber Namra Qadir Arrested For Allegedly Extorting Rs 80 Lakh From Businessman

Zoom News : Dec 07, 2022, 12:52 AM
Namra Qadir : Delhi Police has arrested a YouTuber who honeytrapped a businessman and looted Rs 80 lakh from him. This YouTuber named Namra Qadir had threatened to implicate the owner of a private company in a false case of rape.

Qadir was arrested from Delhi on Monday and produced in the Magistrate Court, from where he has been sent to police remand for 4 days. Qadir's husband and co-accused in the case Manish alias Virat Beniwal is currently absconding. Police say that raids are being conducted to find him.

Police said that Qadir has confessed to his crime and has been taken into remand. Efforts are being made to recover the money and goods he had taken from the victim. Her husband will also be found and arrested soon.

Namra Qadir has more than 6 lakh subscribers on YouTube

Police told that Namra Qadir is only 22 years old and she remains active on social media. He is also popular on YouTube and has more than 6 lakh subscribers. 21-year-old Dinesh Yadav had filed a report against him that Namra blackmailed him by honey-trapping him and looted Rs 80 lakh from him. Dinesh told that Namra Qadir had taken two lakh rupees for my business promotion on her channel. After this she started talking to Dinesh. One day she told Dinesh that she liked him and wanted to marry him. After this both came closer. One day Namra asked Dinesh for his bank card and threatened that if he did not listen to her, she would implicate him in a false case of rape. After this Dinesh sought help from the police.

Qadir used to promote business on his channel

Dinesh, a businessman who runs an advertising firm, told the police that some time ago he came in contact with Qadir. Then husband Beniwal was also with her. Qadir asked for Rs 2 lakh to promote his business on his channel.

Dinesh told, 'After a few days, Qadir told me that he likes me and wants to get married. After that we both became good friends. In August, I went to the club with Qadir and Beniwal, where they booked a room for the night. Next morning when I woke up, Kadir asked me for all the bank cards and smart watch. She threatened me that if I did not listen to her, she would implicate me in a false case of rape.

According to Dinesh, both of them together took more than Rs 80 lakh in money and gift items from him. When Dinesh told this to his father, he took him to file a complaint with the police.