Arvind Kejriwal News / CM Kejriwal comes out of Tihar Jail after 39 days, know what he said

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 10, 2024, 07:52 PM
Arvind Kejriwal News: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal came out of Tihar Jail after 39 days at 6.55 pm on Friday (May 10) evening. Earlier, the Supreme Court had granted him interim bail till June 1. They have been asked to surrender under any circumstances on June 2. After his release, Kejriwal told the workers, 'It is a request to you that we all have to come together and save the country from dictatorship. I am fighting with my body, mind and money. Fighting against dictatorship. It feels good to be among you today. Tomorrow morning we will meet at 11 Connaught Place Hanuman ji temple. Will take blessings of Hanuman ji. Will hold a press conference at the party office at 1 pm.

Kejriwal was lodged in Tihar jail since April 1 (39 days) in the Delhi Liquor Policy case. The court announced its verdict in one line at 2 pm today.

However, his lawyer requested for release till June 5, which was rejected by the Supreme Court. The court said that the election process will end on June 1.

Basis of interim bail, court said - 22 days will not make any difference

Justice Sanjeev Khanna said, 'ED registered the case in August 2022. He was arrested in March (2024). Where were they for one and a half years? The arrest could have happened later or earlier. 22 days here or there should not make any difference.

2 Arguments against ED's interim bail

ED said that election campaigning cannot be the basis for bail, because it cannot be a fundamental or legal right.

ED had also said that granting bail would set a wrong precedent.

What next in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court said, 'The debate on Kejriwal's petition against the arrest will continue next week. It will try to give its verdict on the petition before the summer holidays starting from May 20.

A bench of Justice Sanjiv Khanna and Justice Dipankar Dutta said, 'The conditions of Kejriwal's interim bail will be similar to the conditions imposed on the bail of AAP leader Sanjay Singh.'

Sanjay Singh was granted bail in the same case on April 1. The court had set three conditions for Sanjay Singh's bail.

  • He will not go out of jail and make any statement related to the excise policy case.
  • Will surrender his passport.
  • If you go out of Delhi, you will inform the investigating agency and share your live location.