COVID-19 India / Corona cases are decreasing in India but death figures have broken all records

Zoom News : May 18, 2021, 10:52 AM
COVID-19 India | The new cases of coronas that are continuously decreasing in India are going to give relief, but the increasing number of deaths is worrying. According to the data released by the Ministry of Health, when the corona was on peak in India i.e. four lakh new cases were coming up every day, compared to today's death figures are disturbing. The highest number of new cases were reported in India on 6 May. On that day, 3920 patients died due to corona. At the same time, today, when 2.62 lakh new positive cases have been confirmed, the number of deaths broke all records. According to data released by, 4334 patients died in the last 24 hours.

According to data released by, 2,62,891 new cases have been confirmed in India in the last 24 hours. With this, the total corona cases in the country have risen to 2,52,27,970. It is also a matter of relief that the number of people who have defeated this epidemic in the country is also increasing continuously. In the last 24 hours, 4,22,257 patients have either recovered or have been discharged from the hospital. With this, 2,15,90,003 people have become healthy so far.

Scaring death figures

Even though the cases of corona occurring daily are decreasing in India, the increasing number of deaths is disturbing. Corona Peak was on 6 May in India. On that day, 4.14 lakh new cases were reported, 3,920 patients died. Today, new cases have come down to 2.62 lakh, but the death toll has destroyed all records. Today 4334 patients have died in the country.

>> 6 May - 414,433 new cases and 3,920 patients died.

>> 7 May - 401,326 new cases and 4,194 patients died.

>> 8 May - 409,300 new cases and 4,133 patients died.

>> 9 May - 366,499 new cases and 3,748 patients died.

>> 10 May - 329,517 new cases and 3,879 patients died.

>> 11 May - 348,499 new cases and 4,200 patients died.

>> May 12- 362,406 new cases and 4,126 patients died.

>> 13 May - 343,288 new cases and 3,999 patients died.

>> 14 May - 326,123 new cases and 3,879 patients died.

>> 15 May - 310,822 new cases and 4,090 patients died.

>> 16 May - 281,860 new cases and 4,092 patients died.

>> 17 May - 263,045 new cases and 4,340 patients died.

Corona testing reduced in Delhi

There is a decline in the level of investigation of the corona sample in Delhi. More than a million corona samples have been investigated between the 1st and 16th of May. Whereas more than 13 lakh samples were tested between April 1 and 16 in April. That is, in May compared to the month of April, the deficiency of more than three lakhs has come under the corona investigation. According to the Bulletin issued by the Department of Health, the total level of corona examination in Delhi on April 1 was 14653735. Which increased to 16043160 by 16 April. In this period 1389425 corona samples were investigated. At the same time, the total sample of Corona on a date of May was 17231565. Which reached 18288726 on 16 May. There was a total difference of 332264 in this period of both months.