New Delhi / 'I will kill myself': Rajasthani TikTok star after her Fake Obscene Video went Viral

Free Press Journal : Nov 26, 2019, 03:21 PM
On Monday evening, a video of Rajasthani dancer and Tik Tok star went viral in which she is seen crying after a fake viral obscene video being circulated as hers.

The Rajasthani dancer took to Facebook and posted a live video in which she has said that someone is trying to defame her. The Rajasthani dancer and TiK Tok star are identified as Priya Gupta. She also requested the police to look into the cyber crime case and arrest whoever has done it. In the video, she can be heard saying, "not only me, but everyone knows that I am not the girl in the video, people who know me have said that someone is trying to defame me."

"I couldn't sleep because whoever has done this is at large and we can't identify who has done it. I do videos and dance on stage to earn daily bread for me and my family, but people took that in wrong and defamed me by making such kind of obscene video," the Rajasthani dancer said.

She further added, "Today this has happened with me, later it can happen to any other woman or girl. I request you all to find the culprit and request the police to find the person as soon as possible." She also went on to say that if the culprit is not identified and caught "I will kill myself, I have worked hard for all this and I can't see someone ruining it.