Special / Mussoorie locals create Wall Of Hope using 15,000 discarded plastic bottles. Give message on litter

India Today : Jun 22, 2019, 11:09 AM
Mussoorie is one hill station where people from states like Delhi and Punjab generally go to whenever they have a long weekend. This favourite holiday destination has come up with a marvelous way to give out a great message.

The people of Mussoorie have created a 'Wall of Hope.' This is a 12 feet high and 1500 feet long wall made out of 15,000 plastic bottles. These plastic bottles have been picked up from various places in Mussoorie and it's surroundings.

This 'Wall of Hope' is an attempt by the people of Mussoorie to inspire the travellers to not litter while they are in hill station. The wall was inaugurated by the Gram Pradhan of the village, Reena Rangal in the Bungalow ki Kandi village near Mussoorie.

Subodh Kerkar, founder of the Museum of Goa, is the main brain behind the design of the wall.

The wall is a part of the Hilldaari Project. Hilldaari is the movement that works to make Mussoorie one of the cleanest Hill stations in India.

In an interview to ANI, Arvind Shukla, project manager of Hilldaari group said, "In order to construct the wall, around 50 volunteers from school and colleges came forward. Locals of the village also took part in the initiative. They all worked effortlessly to make this project a success."

Villager Seema Semwal also told ANI, "We really liked the way this wall was built. Now, our village is even looking more beautiful. It is a unique way to use plastic, people should learn from this initiative."