Special / Why airplane windows glass have tiny holes, actually have an important role

Zoom News : Jan 17, 2022, 09:34 PM
New Delhi: Many of you must have traveled by plane often and everyone is excited to take a window seat there so that they can see the view outside the flying plane. During air travel, passengers are also informed about safety guidelines by the cabin crew. But sometimes you have looked carefully at the window in the plane, there is a small hole at the bottom which is very important.

necessary for the safety of passengers

If you have not yet noticed this hole in the window during air travel, then you can definitely do so next. But we are going to tell you the importance of this small hole. According to the news of 'Daily Star', the talk of a hole in the window of the plane may scare someone, but it has a special role which is directly related to your safety.

Every part of the plane flying at an altitude of thousands of feet is designed with great care and safety. Oxygen and air pressure in the sky are extremely low. In such a situation, while preparing the window of the plane, special safety standards are followed. This hole in the window does not pose any danger.

Maintains air pressure

During the flight, the outside air pressure becomes very low, but the inside passengers have to keep the air pressure high so that they can breathe easily. Due to the difference in air pressure outside and inside, there is a lot of pressure on the window of the plane and this is the reason that three layers of glass are installed in it. By doing this, this window can be safe from breaking in any situation.

This small hole visible on the window is called the bleed hole which is on the middle layer. This hole maintains the air pressure created on the outer and inner glass layers. It is through this hole that not much pressure is created on the outer glass. You cannot touch this hole directly from the inside glass but can only see. With the help of this hole, even steam does not freeze on the glass of the window.

If there is no hole in the window, due to the huge difference in air pressure, the glass can also break. In such a situation, the life of the passengers may come in danger during the flight. This is the reason why window panes are designed in such a way that they can withstand the air pressure.