Israel-Iran War / After the attack, Israel wrote- 'Our fight is with the Islamic Republic, not with the people of Iran'

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 14, 2024, 05:00 PM
Israel-Iran War: Israel will take revenge of Iran's attack. Early today, Iran launched a massive attack on Israel with more than 300 drones and missiles. Israel claimed to have shot down 99 percent of these drones and missiles, but considered it a terrorist attack. Israel has said that it will avenge this attack. In a social media post it was written - "Our fight is with the Islamic Republic, not with the people of Iran".

Let us tell you that on April 1, Iran had blamed Israel for the attack on its embassy in Syria's capital Damascus, in which 7 Revolutionary Guard personnel including 2 Iranian Army personnel were killed. Since then Iran had vowed to take revenge on Israel. Iran attacked Israel early today. After this, sirens started sounding all over Israel. There is no report of much damage in Israel due to the attack. Immediately after the attack, PM Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to US President Joe Biden on phone. He told that most of the drones and missiles have been shot down by Israel in the air.

Israel wrote that the long night has become morning

Israel described last night as a long night after this attack by Iran. In a social media post, Israel wrote that "It was a long night, whose morning has come. One thing is clear, we are strong, resilient and we will never bow down to terrorism. Those who would harm the people of Israel They will have to pay the price for this." It is clear from this message from Israel that it is not going to remain silent. Soon he may retaliate against Iran. At the same time, Iran also fears Israeli counterattack. Then Iran has written a letter to the United Nations saying that we have attacked in self-defense, but if Israel attacks us again, the consequences will be bad. America has reiterated its full support to Israel in this war.