UP News / Five scorched in fire due to LPG gas leak in Jaunpur, three killed including one who tried to save

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 23, 2022, 06:45 PM
A major accident occurred due to the leakage of a domestic gas cylinder on Thursday morning in Kewatli village of Maharajganj in Jaunpur. Five people including husband and wife and their two children were scorched due to fire while heating milk. The incident caused a furore in the family. People somehow managed to control the fire. The scorched people were taken to the hospital with the help of police and local people who reached the information. After first aid, the doctor referred the five to the district hospital. where three people died. Regional MLA Ramesh Mishra has also reached the hospital.

According to the information, Neelam, 28-year-old wife of Akhilesh Vishwakarma, a resident of Kewatli, was heating milk in her thatched house. Her two children 5-year-old Shivansh and 3-year-old Yuvraj and husband Akhilesh (30) were sleeping in the thatch. Meanwhile, gas was leaking from the cylinder pipe.

Neelam could not get information about this. The fire started as soon as he turned on the regulator of the gas stove to heat the milk and lit the match. The fire immediately took a formidable form. The fire engulfed the entire thatch. Apart from Neelam, all the other members of the family started burning in this. Hearing the screams, the people around gathered.

Akhilesh's elder brother Suresh, 32, tried to save the people by entering the thatch. It also got him burnt. Somehow everyone got out with the help of the villagers. The police reached the information and took them to the local CHC with the help of local people. Where after first aid, the doctors referred him to the district hospital. Suresh, who tried to save the family, Akhilesh's wife Neelam and son Shivans were killed.