Amit Shah Statement / If Nehru had stayed for two days, the entire Pok would have been under the tricolor - Amit Shah

Vikrant Shekhawat : Dec 12, 2023, 06:00 AM
Amit Shah Statement: During the debate on Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Amendment) Bill, 2023 in Rajya Sabha, Amit Shah once again targeted Congress and Jawaharlal Nehru. Home Minister Amit Shah raised questions regarding the ceasefire with Pakistan. He said that if there was no untimely ceasefire, PoK would not have happened today. If Jawahar Lal Nehru had stayed for two days, the entire PoK would have been under the tricolor.

Speaking on Article 370, Amit Shah said that after independence, there was a bigger problem in Hyderabad than Kashmir, had Nehru gone there? Did Nehru go to Junagadh, Lakshadweep, Jodhpur? He only looked after the work of Kashmir and that too left half of it. He asked why the merger of Kashmir was delayed? Amit Shah said that even if history is buried 1000 feet below, the truth still comes out. He revealed that during the merger, a request was made to give special place to one person and that was Sheikh Abdullah, that is why the merger got delayed. He raised the question that after all so many states were merged, but why was Article 370 not imposed anywhere? He said that the people of the country will have to answer who had put this condition and who had accepted it. Can't run away from this question.

Someone should learn from Congress the art of finding victory in severe defeat.

Taking aim at Congress, Amit Shah said that one should learn from Congress the art of finding victory in severe defeat. Today the Supreme Court declared the removal of Article 370 constitutional, but the Congress is still saying that it was removed wrongly. Both Houses of the country passed the law, the Gazette was issued, someone challenged it in the Supreme Court, a bench of five judges was formed, and a long debate took place. The decision has come. Now even after the decision, Congress says that they consider it to be a wrongful removal.

This is not a matter of Hindu-Muslim

Amit Shah said that Congress will have to understand the reality. This is not a matter of Hindu Muslim. There are more Muslims in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Assam than in Kashmir, but there was no separatism there. Separatism happened in Kashmir because there was Article 370. Terrorism flourished there only because of separatism. He said that a wrong decision is taken, it can be made by any person, it should be accepted, even now if Congress continues to stick to this decision, then what is left will not be that much, there will be competition in 2024.

The whole country embraced the Kashmir displaced people

Over the years, many Kashmiri Hindu brothers, Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs left the valley and scattered in different ways in Jammu and Kashmir. They were welcomed in the states, some states even gave reservation. Those who were displaced from Kashmir were embraced by the entire country, but imagine that those who had wealth worth billions of rupees were forced to stumble from door to door. There were 46631 such families. I want to tell these displaced people that the Narendra Modi government is determined to provide justice. Now Kashmiri displaced people will vote here, contest elections and also become ministers.

PoK is ours, no one can take it from us

Amit Shah said that the rights of ST families of Jammu and Kashmir were stopped by 3 families. He said that if we talk about even an inch of India's land, our hearts will remain tight. No one has the right to let any part of the country go and stand silently.