Satyendar Jain Massage Video / Satyendar Jain having fun in Tihar Jail! Minister getting champi and massage, CCTV footage revealed the secret

Zoom News : Nov 19, 2022, 10:20 AM
Satyendar Jain Massage Video: A CCTV video has surfaced of Aam Aadmi Party leader Satyendar Jain getting massage done in Delhi's Tihar Jail. Recently, the ED had alleged in the court that Satyendar Jain was living a luxurious life in Delhi's Tihar Jail, all the evidence related to which was also given in the court. Lieutenant Governor VK. An inquiry committee was formed on the orders of Saxena. In this connection, 58 people including Ajit Kumar, Superintendent of Jail Number-7, were transferred. It is clearly visible in the pictures that a person is massaging the feet of Satyendar Jain. ED had alleged some time back that Satyendar Jain was getting VIP treatment in Tihar Jail.

ED submitted the affidavit in the court

The Central Investigation Agency ED had also given an affidavit regarding this in the court, in which the ED had said that in the VVIP treatment, they are being provided with a masseur, who even massages their head, back and feet. Not only this, many other facilities are also being given to them. ED told that as Satyendar Jain is also the Jail Minister. Because of this he is misusing his position.

Shahzad Poonawala targeted by tweeting

At the same time, after the video surfaced, BJP leader Shahzad Poonawala made two tweets. In the first tweet, he wrote, "So instead of punishment, Satyendar Jain was getting all the VVIP fun? Massage inside Tihar Jail? Head massage of hawalaaz who has not got bail for five months! Violation of rules in the jail run by AAP government. This is how official position was misused for extortion and Kejriwal was thanked.”

In another tweet, he wrote, "One more, all the rules thrown in the dustbin! VVIP treatment in jail! Can Kejriwal defend such a minister? Shouldn't he be sacked? This shows the real face of Aam Aadmi Party! Recovery and VVIP massage inside Tihar Jail! Tihar is under the AAP government."

Videos of Head Massage, Foot Massage and Back Massage

This video is being told of September 13, 2022. This is the CCTV footage of Cell-4 Block A of Tihar Jail. Please inform that ED had talked about VIP treatment to Satyendar Jain in the jail. In its affidavit, the ED had alleged that Jain got the facility of massage. The ED had said that Satyendra Jain gets head massage, foot massage and back massage. Which is also visible in the CCTV footage that surfaced. ED had taken footage of massage being given to Satyendar Jain from Tihar, which is now in front of everyone. But Jain appealed to the court to stop the massaging footage.