COVID-19 Update / How fast does this new variant of corona spread, how deadly is it? Learn the answers to important questions

Zoom News : Jun 15, 2021, 10:31 AM
New Delhi. 'Delta Plus) has become' Delta Plus) or 'EYY.1' by changing the very infectious 'Delta' (Delta) variants of CoronaVirus in India), but there is nothing to worry about it in India. Because there are still less cases in the country. Scientists gave this information. 'Delta Plus' variants are made from changing the virus or 'B 1.617.2' variants, which was first identified in India and it was responsible for the second wave of the epidemic. However, due to the new type of virus, there is no indication that the disease can be found so far, Delta Plus can neutralize the 'monoclonal antibody cocktail' treatment which has recently been approved in India.

Scientific Vinod Scaria has tweeted on Sunday in Delhi-based CSIR-Jinomics and Samwat Biology Institute (IGIB), "Because of 417 N Mutation, B 1.617.2 He said that this mutation has happened in the spike protein of SARS COV-which helps in infecting the virus into human cells. Scaria wrote on Twitter, "The type of stems from 417 n in India is not very much. This sequence has mostly come out of Europe, Asia and America. '

Scarya also said that mutation can also be related to immune against viruses. Disease resistance expert Vinita force said that however, due to the new type of virus, the use of 'Antibadi Cocktail' is shocked, but it does not mean that the virus is more infectious or it will become more fatal. In the institute of Indian Science Education and Research, Guest teacher forces in Pune said to PTI-language, "This new type is infectious, it will be important to test its rapidly spread or can be reversed. '

He also said that there is no possibility of the quality and number of antibadi defending cells from microbes in a new type of infected. Breathing Disease and Medical Researcher Anurag Agarwal supported the force of force. CSIR-Igib director Agarwal said, "There is nothing to worry about this type of virus in India. ' He said that the blood of the people who have taken full dose of vaccine will have to test this type of virus from which it will know whether this disease can dodge the resistance or not.