Himachal Accident / Tragic accident in Himachal bus full of tourists fell into deep gorge 7 students of IIT BHU died

Vikrant Shekhawat : Sep 26, 2022, 09:21 AM
Himachal Accident: A painful accident has happened in Kullu, Himachal. A car full of tourists has fallen into the ditch, due to which 7 students have died. While 10 students have been seriously injured. All the injured have been admitted to the hospital in a hurry. This student belongs to Varanasi IIT (Banaras Hindu University).

This accident happened last night at around 8.30 pm on NH-305 in Ghiyagi area of ​​Banjar Valley in Kullu. Out of the 10 students injured in the accident, 5 have been admitted to the Zonal Hospital, Kullu and 5 are being treated at a hospital in Banjar.

Uncontrolled the vehicle fell into the ditch

According to the information received from the reporter, the weather was very bad last night and the driver had difficulty in taking the turn, after which the vehicle fell into a ditch uncontrolled. The rescue operation went on till late night and all the injured were admitted to the hospital. Also, information has been given to their families.