Israel-Iran War / World equation will change after the attack on Israel, who will stand with whom - know

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 14, 2024, 02:00 PM
Israel-Iran War: The ongoing tension between Israel and Hamas had not ended yet and now another war is on the verge of starting. Iran has opened a front against Israel. At midnight on Saturday, when the whole world was sleeping, Iraq launched a series of attacks on Israel. Iran fired more than 200 ballistic and cruise missiles at Israel. Along with this, more than 150 drone attacks were carried out. This attack, which took place at midnight, created a stir. People started running here and there to save their lives.

Many videos of Iran's attack on Israel have surfaced. In which the horrifying scene of the attack is clearly visible. The eyes of countries around the world are now on this new war. Many countries of the world have made their stand clear regarding the attack. Many countries are standing with Israel to help it. So many countries are supporting Iran. That is, to put it clearly, Iran's attack has made it clear which country is with whom. Let us tell you which country is supporting whom in this war.

Countries supporting Israel….

  • Jordan, America, France and Britain
  • Jordanian Air Force attacked and shot down Iranian drones and missiles
  • Israeli PM Netanyahu has praised America as well as Britain, France and other countries.
Countries that help Iran…

  • Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq
  • These countries allowed Iran to use their airspace
  • Israel was attacked from Iranian bases in these countries
  • These countries fired their missiles together to help Iran
  • Whereas Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt did not allow America to use their air bases.
Now the views of all the big countries of the world regarding this war that started between Iran and Israel will also be revealed. In the United Nations, countries like Russia and China will openly support Israel and help it in every way. At the same time, any resolution in UNSC against Iran will also be banned.