SMS Hospital / For the first time in a government hospital cancer was cured in 5 days without operation and chemotherapy.

Zoom News : Aug 06, 2022, 11:09 PM
SMS Hospital: For the first time in Rajasthan, cancer was successfully treated with stereotactic body radio therapy (SBRT). Such treatment done in SMS Hospital, Jaipur has not been done so far in any government hospital or government medical college in the state. In this treatment neither the patient was operated nor chemotherapy was given. The patient was discharged after 5 days of treatment. The biggest thing is that neither the patient had to be admitted nor did he spend any money for this treatment.

Principal of SMS Medical College, Dr. Rajeev Bagarhatta told that usually Rs 2 lakh or more is spent in any private hospital for getting treatment with this technique, but it has been done absolutely free in SMS. He said that after this successful treatment, now avenues have been opened for other patients. Those who have a tumor in the liver, lungs, prostate or spine and it comes to us till the first or second stage. He told that during this entire treatment, Dr. R.S. Gotwal, Dr. Mitu Jain, Dr. Mukesh Sankaria, Dr. Dipesh, Dr. Naresh. Dr. Harsha and other team members were with him.

Had to give 15 days training

Dr. Sandeep Jain, Senior Professor and Unit Head, Department of Radio Therapy, SMS Medical College said that Champa Devi (48), a resident of Ajmer, was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2016. After that the woman got her treated in a private hospital and took chemotherapy. After treatment, the woman's breast cancer was cured, but later spread to the lungs and a tumor was formed there. When the lady came to us, she was between the third stage 2-3. After this, we gave the woman the option of surgery and radiotherapy. The family members of the woman decided to undergo radiotherapy. Before doing this therapy, the woman was given 15 days of breath control training, which is called Active Breathing Control (ABC), so that the patient's body remains in position during the radiation dose and there is no slight movement in it.

Tumors cured up to 95% after 5 days of sitting

Dr. Jain said that with the help of SBRT technology, radiation was given in advance through a linear machine. This dose given to the patient during 5 sittings cured his tumor by 95 percent, which is the same even after surgery. He told that the woman is completely fine now and she is leading a normal life.