Rajasthan News / There was a terrorist attack on the railway track in Udaipur, 2 quintal sticks of gelatin recovered from the river

Zoom News : Nov 16, 2022, 09:38 AM
Rajasthan News: The Udaipur-Asarwa railway track was blown up with explosives in Rajasthan's Udaipur district on Sunday. The blast took place on the railway track just hours before the recently launched Asarwa-Udaipur Express train from Ahmedabad was to pass through the Jawar Mines police station area. Intelligence of Rajasthan has termed this blast on the railway track as a terrorist attack. On the other hand, there has been a stir after the recovery of about two quintal gelatine sticks from the river just 70 km away from the blast site in Udaipur.

Gelatin sticks found in 7 sacks

Police investigating the blast on the Udaipur track have found 186 kg gelatin sticks in 7 sacks from the river. These sticks of gelatin have been found in tribal dominated areas. After receiving such a large quantity of gelatin sticks, the fear of a big conspiracy has deepened in the blast on Odha railway bridge in Udaipur. However, the police is not yet looking at linking this matter with the Udaipur railway track blast. The police have not yet been able to find out where they came from and who has thrown them here.

Paper melted due to getting wet

The sacks in which the gelatine sticks were found have Rajasthan's address written on them, but due to being wet, the paper on the packet has melted. Due to this, the things written on the packet are not clearly visible. Meanwhile, the investigation into the blast on the Udaipur railway track has been intensified. Railway and police officials are investigating. On Tuesday, Railway Police DIG Rajesh Chaudhary reached the spot and took complete information about the incident from the officials.

ATS-SOG begins probe into blast

Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS-SOG) has started the investigation in view of the seriousness of the explosion on the track of the railway bridge and the possible damage it could cause. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot took this decision late Monday night in a high-level meeting with senior officials. Additional Director General of Police (ATS-SOG) Ashok Rathore said that the scope of investigation was discussed on the spot and a detailed discussion will be held again in this regard.

What is this matter of explosion on the bridge

Explain that there was an explosion on the railway track connecting Udaipur-Ahmedabad on Oda railway bridge on the intervening night of Saturday-Sunday. The local people had heard the sound of explosion late in the night and two youths who reached the spot on Sunday morning informed the Railways after seeing the explosive and damaged tracks. This rail line was launched on 31 October, when PM Narendra Modi flagged off the Asawara-Udaipur Express from Asawara railway station in Ahmedabad.