Rajasthan Politics / CM Ashok Gehlot Slams Sachin Pilot As 'Gaddar'

Zoom News : Nov 24, 2022, 10:46 PM
Ahead of Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra coming to Rajasthan, a huge tussle has started once again in the Congress. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, speaking the biggest attack on Sachin Pilot so far, has said that how can Pilot be made the CM. How can people accept a man who does not have 10 MLAs, who has rebelled, who has been named a traitor.

Responding to Gehlot's attack, Sachin Pilot said that he has called me worthless, worthless and a traitor in the past as well, the allegations he has leveled against me are baseless. This is the time to fight BJP, there is no need to make such false allegations. He said that he is an experienced leader of the party, he should not be so insecure. If we are in some position today, it is not necessary that we will always be there. Don't know who is giving such advice to the Chief Minister.

At the same time, the Congress has also taken this statement of Gehlot seriously. Party General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said that Gehlot will resolve the differences between his young comrades Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot and this will strengthen the Congress, for the time being everyone's goal is to make the Bharat Jodo Yatra a success.

Earlier, Gehlot said that because of which we sat in hotels for 34 days, this government was being toppled, Amit Shah was also involved. Dharmendra Pradhan was also involved. Gehlot said these things in an interview given to NDTV news channel.

On the question of the Gehlot camp not accepting the pilot, Gehlot said – How will they accept the man who has committed betrayal, our MLA and I myself suffer, stayed in hotels for 34 days?

Today I am the CM, I have no signal from the high command

On the question of being the CM, Gehlot said - Today I am the only one here. On the question of the signal from the High Command, he said – Leave the signal of the High Command, I do not have any indication. I am with the high command. No one will accept the pilot.

Gehlot said – The high command will do justice to Rajasthan. September talks. I have told my feeling to Ajay Maken and the high command. It is necessary for the government to come to Rajasthan. I have been CM thrice. It is not necessary for me to be CM. You get a survey done that if the government can come with my Chief Minister, then keep me. If the government can come from another face, then form it.

Pilot called me to become a minister

On the question of quarrel with Sachin Pilot, Gehlot said – When Congress won 20 MPs from Rajasthan in the Lok Sabha elections in 2009, I was called to Delhi. When the working committee meeting was held, I was asked about making a minister from Rajasthan. Sachin Pilot is aware, I had recommended making Pilot a minister at the Centre. At that time 70 Gurjars were killed in Vasundhara Raje's government, where there was a fight between Gurjar-Meenas.

Gehlot said that later I got a call from Sachin Pilot to recommend me, whereas I had already recommended. A man who has love in his heart, only then will he recommend the young man.

On September 25, the atmosphere deteriorated due to the pilot

On the condition of the party, Gehlot said – I have no tension. There are slight differences everywhere. There was no mutiny on 25 September. There was a rebellion in 2019, stayed in hotels for 34 days. On September 25, 90 people gathered, these were the people who helped save the government, otherwise the government could not have survived. No CM can save the government without the high command.

Gehlot said that there is no Chief Minister of the Congress who would take the support of the MLAs without the high command. How can our MLAs accept the person who betrayed the party?

Pilot behaved as if he was becoming CM

Gehlot said- One thing was spread that Sachin Pilot is being made the CM. Pilot himself behaved as if he was going to become the CM. He called many MLAs that observers are coming, they have to say this.

Gehlot said that in this situation the MLA got confused that Pilot was taking oath on the second day of the Legislature Party meeting. That's why 90 MLAs had gathered. They are all loyal and are with the high command. Because of which we stayed in hotels for 34 days, how would the MLA accept the one who conspired to topple the government.

The party president himself tried to topple the government

Gehlot said that the rebel MLA had gone with Pilot in Manesar. The pro-Pilot MLAs were stopped in the resort where the Madhya Pradesh MLAs were accommodated. We could not expect the party president to join forces with the opposition to topple his own party's government. This has never happened in history till date. For this reason, the MLA was angry on hearing the name of the pilot.

Had the pilot apologized to the high command, I would not have had to

Gehlot said that if he had apologised, I would not have had to apologise. The atmosphere would have changed, he is young, this situation would not have arisen. Had the pilots apologized, the September 25 incident would not have happened. Being the leader of the Legislature Party, it was my moral duty, the meeting could not take place, so I apologised.

If you don't want me then make any of the 102

On the matter of making someone else the CM of Rajasthan, Gehlot said that I also say, make anyone out of the 102 MLAs who saved the government, but we have suffered the betrayal ourselves, how we have spent 34 days, we only know. . I am ready even today if the high command asks. The high command should decide whether to keep me or someone else. If you think that some other face can win the election, then make it so.