Rajasthan Political Crisis / Gehlot faction in Rajasthan said - make anyone out of 102 CM but not Sachin Pilot

Zoom News : Sep 26, 2022, 02:49 PM
Rajasthan Political Crisis: The MLAs of Ashok Gehlot camp in Rajasthan have made it clear that they do not approve of Sachin Pilot on the chief minister's chair. Dr. Mahesh Joshi, the cabinet minister in the state government, told ABP News that those whose allegiance to the party is unquestionable, the high command should make them sit in the chief minister's chair, we will accept that decision. He said that people whose allegiance to the party is doubtful, such people are not acceptable to him as Chief Minister.

What did Dr Mahesh Joshi say?

On the question of acceptance of Sachin Pilot for the post of Chief Minister, Congress MLA and Cabinet Minister Dr Mahesh Joshi said, "We do not accept any person who has tried to topple the government." , the high command should make any of them, it will be acceptable to us. He also said that we will accept the final decision of the high command.

Ajay Maken asked the allegations of indiscipline on the MLAs. In response to this question, Dr Joshi said that if we get the notice, we will reply and we will prove our work and our loyalty. He said that it is his right to demand answers. He said that we never let our loyalty come to a standstill.

How and why did the MLAs meet

On the question of the meeting of Congress MLAs held on Sunday, he said, "We have not held any formal meeting, as is being publicized." That informal meeting was held to decide. It was not a meeting of the Congress Legislature Party. He said that it was a mutual deliberation of like-minded people.

Dr Joshi said, "So many doubts came in this informal meeting, due to which it was felt that if every MLA speaks so many things in the meeting of the legislature party, then he will not be right. Therefore, the doubts of the MLAs were covered in 2-3 points. After this, four people went and put those doubts in front of the representatives of the high command. We have asked them to inform the high command about these doubts and take orders from them. We do not mind passing a one-line resolution. But our doubts should be resolved at your level.

On Ajay Maken's allegations of pressure to make these doubts a part of the resolution, Joshi said that we never talked about making it a part of the proposal. He said that either he could not understand us properly or we could not explain him properly.