Sardarshahar By-election 2022 / Voting begins for Sardarshahar by-election, Triangular struggle makes by-election exciting

Zoom News : Dec 05, 2022, 09:15 AM
Sardarshahar By-election 2022 : Voting has begun for the by-election for the Sardarshahar assembly seat in Churu district. Although the by-election is only on one seat and its winning or losing is not going to make any big difference in the politics of the state, but turning the election into a triangular struggle here has definitely become exciting.

Generally, elections in 180 out of 200 assembly seats in Rajasthan have been held between the Congress and the BJP, but in some seats Congress-BJP are also embroiled in a struggle by some third party or independent candidate.

RLP is giving a tough fight to Congress and BJP in Sardarshahar. All the three parties and their leaders claim that they are winning the elections, but no one can predict who will be elected by the people.

Due to the death of Congress MLA Bhanwar Lal Sharma, by-elections are being held on this seat. Congress has given ticket to his son Anil Sharma. Whereas BJP has fielded former MLA Ashok Pincha (2008-13) as its candidate. RLP has given ticket to Lalchand Moond. All the three candidates are being told in equal competition.

All the big leaders of Congress-BJP put full force in the election campaign to make their respective candidates win in Sardar city. On the other hand, RALopa's president Hanuman Beniwal had also thrown full force behind his candidate.

During the election campaign, where the BJP asked for votes by besieging the Congress government of the state on increasing corruption and crimes. At the same time, the Congress asked for votes by putting forward the work and sympathy done by former MLA Bhanwar Lal Sharma in the area.

The RLP tried to garner public support from both the BJP and the Congress in the name of liberating the region. After voting today, when the results will come on December 8, it will be known who was supported by the public.

Congress is still having the upper hand in the by-elections

By-elections have been held in 7 assembly constituencies in Rajasthan during the tenure of the present government. These include Sahada, Mandawa, Rajsamand, Khinvsar, Sujangarh, Dhariyavad, Vallabhnagar. The BJP won only the Rajsamand seat in these by-elections.

Ralopa won the Khinvsar seat. The Congress had won all the remaining 5 seats. Of these, in Sahada, Rajsamand, Sujangarh, Dhariyavad, Vallabhnagar, only the relatives of the deceased MLAs have registered victory. The by-elections in Khinvsar and Mandawa were held due to the MLAs becoming MPs there.

All three parties will tell the blessings of the people for 2023

All the three parties will celebrate the result of this by-election as an advance blessing given by the public before the 2023 assembly elections to be held exactly one year later.

If the Congress wins, it will say that the people have approved their government and policies. On the other hand, if the BJP wins, it will consider it as a stamp on its own struggle against the Congress government. If Ralopa wins, the party will talk about the rejection of BJP and Congress by the people.

Reputation of Poonia, Dotasara and Beniwal at stake

The Sardar city area has the largest number of Jat voters. It is a coincidence that at present the state president of Congress-BJP is a Jat, while the convenor of RLP is a Jat. Congress State President Govind Singh Dotasara and BJP State President Satish Poonia both are natives of Shekhawati region.

Sardarshahar also comes in Shekhawati. On the other hand, Beniwal is from Nagaur, a neighboring district of Shekhawati. Since the Jat community is a big vote bank, the one who gets maximum votes from this community has more chances of winning. The reputation of all three giants is at stake. Earlier, two by-elections were held in Shekhawati at Mandawa and Sujangarh, both of which were won by the Congress.